KMALL 한국멀티미디어언어교육학회

President's message
Korea Association of  Multimedia-Assisted Language Learning

Dear distinguished KAMALL members,

As the newly elected 12th president of KAMALL, I would like to express my warmest and deepest greetings to all of you and wish you another successful and happy year!

Currently, we are facing the problems of the current educational theory, teaching methods, and assessment methods amid the huge typhoon of the 4th Industrial Revolution.  In the field of English education in Korea, we have been conducting fierce discussions and new attempts to find the right direction to nurture our students for the future.  In the educational situations, most of the scholars and professors related to English teaching are forced to use the multimedia technologies.  Our abilities to utilize the multimedia technologies has become a key competency required for personalized education by the times. In this transformation of the educational environment, KAMALL has established itself as a leading organization of future English education.

KAMALL will focus on sharing and disseminating actual cases research in various fields to prepare for future English education.  In addition, we will actively discover newly coming scholars and subsequent generations of academics so that they can grow together through communication with current researchers and professors.  Through this, we intend to become the foundation for the future generations to grow in the field of English teaching and learning.

Furthermore, we are going to attempt to some communication methods so that new generations can comfortably participate in our conference and workshops with the current members. Through the process, KAMALL will do our best to make our organization more creative, progressive and accessible to our members.

We look forward to your encouragement, support, and participation from our members.

Thank you.


Jungtae Kim, Ph.D.

President of the KAMALL

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