KMALL 한국멀티미디어언어교육학회

President's message
Korea Association of  Multimedia-Assisted Language Learning

Dear distinguished KAMALL members,

As the newly elected 9th president of KAMALL, I would like to express my warmest and deepest greetings to all of you and wish you another successful and happy year!

KAMALL does not have a long history compared to other associations but has steadily grown since its creation in 1997. The reason for that growth is that KAMALL has worked hard to develop and distribute pedagogical theories and approaches for more effective language teaching through state-of-the-art technology and multimedia. An indication of its success is that KAMALL’s articles are now available on EBSCO for international researchers and readers.

We, the new team, recognize the accomplishments of former presidents and board members and will strive to build upon them. In particular, we see before us three major tasks if KAMALL is to continue to grow and develop as an organization.

First, the new team will take on the predecessors’ pursuit of international recognition for the journal, 「Multimedia-Assisted Language Learning」. In order to raise the status of KAMALL, this should be the top priority since without this effort of gaining international recognition; it is going to be difficult to survive in this field and to secure funding from external agencies.

Another major task that KAMALL needs to undertake is to hold an international conference with GloCall in 2015 in order to encourage and inspire scholars and professionals from all parts of the world to share their thoughts and ideas.

Finally, I and the KAMALL board will continue to organize and develop an annual workshop related to academic and practical topics. Since it is through these events which foster the sharing of ideas and expertise, our community can enhance the scholastic environment and so develop both professionally and academically.

It goes without saying that accomplishing these tasks to make a stronger KAMALL would not be possible without your valuable time and energy. KAMALL is not run by a few, but TOGETHER! TOGETHER, the board and I will strive to meet your expectations and to further develop KAMALL’s reputation and standing in both Korea and abroad.

I hope everyone on the board will be able to say at the end of 2015, “It’s quite an experience in my life and I’m so glad to be part of this organization as a FRIEND.”

Chang-in Lee, President

The Korea Association of Multimedia-Assisted Language Learning

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